About us

With our heads in the clouds and our feet on the ground


We are an events and communications agency that was founded in 1986 and is based in Madrid, Spain. We originally called ourselves Onda 2000 Comunicación, at that time, the 21st Century seemed like it was far in the future, but that name didn’t last into the new century. We shortly changed our name to O2 Comunicación and the new name has taken us this far.


Our 30 years of experience have tested us and we’ve grown to become what we are today: a professional agency in which experience, commitment and customer service are the keys to our evolution.


Our team is our cornerstone, with their commitment, flexibility and hard work, but above all, their enthusiasm and sense of humour.


We are flexible and know how to improvise, because we know that, in this world, the unexpected and last minute changes can always occur.


Customer service is our specialty; we’re always by your side to give you the confidence and peace of mind you need, throughout the entire process.


From the first briefing, a member of our team will be with you at all times.


We’ll present you with different creative proposals, including graphic displays and 3D designs so you can see how it will all look, along with the corresponding budgets so you’re always aware of the different costs – no last minute surprises.


If you like our proposals and trust us, we’ll start the production phase.


We’ll be with you at all times on the day of the event, so you can breathe easy, confident that everything will go as planned, and focus on what really matters, taking care of your guests.


Our goal is having the satisfaction of a job well done


We like challenges that make us evolve, exploring new boundaries and expanding our horizons.


We can’t get bored at work, there are always new clients, spaces, materials, trends, working tools and marketing concepts to get to know: new things without end.


We're restless by nature.

We love challenges, do you have any?

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